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Sift Matcha Powder to Make a Perfect Matcha Tea

Sift Matcha Powder to Make a Perfect Matcha Tea

Sift Matcha Powder to Make a Perfect Matcha Tea

Do you believe that the key to a great matcha brew is in the sifting?

To sift matcha powder before making a cuppa might seem like a needless task but regular matcha drinkers will attest to the difference it makes.

If you've had matcha and never sifted it prior to brewing, you may notice that when you make your tea, there are some lumps that sit at the bottom of your matcha bowl even if you've vigorously whisked it to get that perfect concoction.

Why sift  matcha powder?

Sift Matcha Powder to Make a Perfect Matcha Tea

Many of you may think that just because you've had lumps in your rather expensive matcha tea, you 've been sold a pup. Don't panic. This lumping happens to all matcha tea powders, regardless if it's top grade or not. Although, oftentimes, lower grade matcha teas do have more lumps than those of higher matcha grades. So how would you limit these lumps from getting the best out of your matcha tea?

Not only will your matcha tea dissolve easier in water or blend well with your cooking recipes, sifting matcha powder can also ensure a smoother, richer and full-bodied tea. Who wants a grainy-tasting matcha tea, anyway?Because matcha tea powder is an extremely fine powder that has a consistency similar to that of a baby powder (less than 10 microns, even finer than a baby powder), its electrostatic energy is to blame for its tendency to clump together. No matter how hard you try to follow the essential tips on properly storing and making matcha, this vibrant green tea powder will still fuse over time. And the only way to break those lumps is to use the fundamental preparation process most people take for granted--sift matcha powder.

Note: Sifting only what you can consume in one serving. It is not advisable to sift your matcha powder and not use it as this will eventually clump again. Hence, making all your efforts go to waste as you will have to sift it again. It may not be that big of a deal to you to keep sifting, but it is a big deal to your matcha powder. By sifting, the air--one of the natural adversary of matcha tea powder--will penetrate the tea particles and change the quality of your matcha at a faster rate. It also causes your matcha to get fluffy, resulting in a thin froth with sparse bubbles.

What You Require to Sift Matcha Powder 

Here are some matcha lover's must-have items to banish those matcha clumps:

  • A furui (sifter)
  • A chashaku (spatula) / bamboo spoon

The Sifting Process

  1. Scoop the desired amount of matcha onto your sifter’s mesh.
  2. Push the powder down the sifter with the spatula, letting the fine powder fall through directly into your bowl.
  3. Use your sifted matcha.

(Note: Before you start sifting your matcha powder, make sure that your mesh strainer and your spoon are dry as any moisture/liquid can make the matcha powder stick to the sifter and spoon. Also, it is recommended that you do not wash the spoon and sifter after use. Simply wipe them off with a dry cloth, and store them in a clean spot.)

Now you learned how convenient it is to sift matcha powder. So get your sieve on and brew that perfect matcha cup!

Sift Matcha Powder to Make a Perfect Matcha Tea Infographic