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Matcha Wellness by Eco Heed

Authentic Japanese Matcha

When you’re ready to embrace a source of energy that’s steadier than traditional caffeine drinks like coffee, you’re ready for Matcha Wellness.

When you’re searching for a beverage that gives you clear focus, you’re ready for Matcha Wellness.

The best Match I've tried!!!

Superior matcha tea! This is the read deal! Bright, almost neon green, sweet, grassy, fragrant. Delicious! It may seem expensive, but it really goes a long way since you only use 1/2-1 tsp per serving/latte. I love the feeling of a "clean energy" without the jitters or crash. I mix 1 tsp in about 1/4 hot water and shake in a mason jar until completely dissolved and then add in ice and nut milk. I'm totally addicted! As a side note, since I recently discovered this, be careful when purchasing matcha teas--you get what you pay for. Some have fillers such as brown rice meal--this one really is 100%, delicious matcha-ness!

Get in to Matcha! 

We have a wide range of products that will help you bring matcha wellness into your life: 

  • Matcha Tea: The traditional and versatile beverage, sourced from Japan and available in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Matcha Tools: Beautiful tools you can use to prepare your authentic matcha beverage.
  • Matcha Kits: Perfect all-in-one products with everything you need to get started with matcha.
  • Matcha Skin Care: Nourish and repair your skin with our 100% natural matcha skin care range.

Must buy

I loveeeee this matcha! I have been cutting back on coffee and now I actually crave this matcha more. A lot of matcha that does not have the added sugar can taste really bitter, but this one have been the best that I have found. Shipping was fast and the seller wrote a very kind message to follow up. Will definitely continue to order
- Dominique Pearl David, Amazon customer

The Eco Heed Team

Ryo and Yasmin are the husband and wife team behind Matcha Wellness.

They’re passionate about living a healthier lifestyle — and that’s what led them to discover the amazing health benefits of Japanese matcha green tea.

Ryo instantly connected with his Japanese heritage through matcha. His goal? To make high-quality organic matcha easily available for everyone. That’s how Matcha Wellness was born.

After intensive matcha sampling from across Japan, they decided to partner with a small family farm in Uji – Kyoto. Ryo and Yasmin are proud to bring you the highest-quality certified organic matcha available at a very competitive price.

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