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Matcha sample - 1 per customer limit

  • You deserve to try matcha...
    Matcha Wellness is giving away 1 sample per customer of its Organic Ceremonial Grade, which is made from the first harvest of shade-grown spring tea leaves. Ceremonial grade is the epitome of Japanese match. It's produced using exclusively the 1st harvest of shade-grown spring tea leaves.
    Only pay for Postage & Handling of $2

    • Beautiful emerald green colour
    • Rich vegetal/earthy aroma
    • Silky Texture 
    • Suitable for both Usucha (thin matcha) 
    • Best enjoyed as a traditional matcha tea (whisked in a bowl with hot water) 

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The nutrient content of the Organic Ceremonial Grade is startlingly impressive. Aside from its health benefits, the cultivation of this matcha is purely organic, free from pesticide, heavy metals, and radiation. It’s a cup filled with all the benefits one can think of - energy boost for up to 4-6 hours, enhances metabolism, strengthens the body's defence system and more. It's ideal for everyone, especially to those who would love to experience an easy and indulging diet regimen. A cup of this matcha satisfies the body's need for a natural and delicious treat.

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