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Matcha Whisk

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  • The Bamboo whisk (chasen) is the heart of preparing the perfect matcha tea. The purpose of the whisk is to create a nice froth when preparing the matcha. Hand Crafted from a single piece of bamboo, this high quality whisk with 100 prongs will make the perfect rich & creamy matcha that you will love.

    • After a few uses, the middle of the whisk will open
    • Wash after use and keep dry
    • Best placed in a whisk holder to extend the life of your whisk
    • Do not use excessive force when whisking to prevent breaking

just whisk it

Matcha without a bamboo whisk (chasen) is like having cereal without milk. Sure you can have the cereal with water, but something just isn’t right. The chasen is a fundamental tool for a great matcha. The more prongs (spikes) the chasen has, the frothier and smoother the matcha tea. Our 100 prongs chasen will ensure you whisk up the perfect matcha tea every time.

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