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Organic Artisan Ceremonial Matcha - 30g

  • The "Okumidori" matcha is cultivated at an elevation of 200m by the Hattori family in the Kikugawa area of Shizuoka prefecture. Great care is taken in the growing of the family's tea which is also JAS certified organic.
    "Okumidori" is the name of the tea leaves that are used to create this artisan matcha. 

    • Intense green colour
    • Natural "sweetness" with rich aroma  
    • Silky Texture 
    • Suitable for both Usucha and Koicha
    • We recommend the "Okumidori" for the best matcha experience

Artisan Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha isn't just refreshing to the eyes; it also cleanses the inside of the body. Made from the Okumidori green tea variety, the Artisan Ceremonial Matcha is cultivated by the Hattori Family in the Kikugawa area of Shizuoka prefecture. Currently, the highest grade of matcha the company has to offer, its ultra-fine powder whisks instantly that produces rich matcha froth.

What makes a great matcha starts from the process of growing the actual green tea plant. Free from pesticide and artificial fertilizer, you’re assured that you only get the healthiest variety in every sip. Certified by world’s leading laboratories such as Eurofins and SGS, our "Okumidori" Artisan Matcha is also certified JAS organic. 

Matcha contains flavonoids that promote calmness and focus. Indeed, it’s a better choice over coffee that provides more energy to help you stand the challenges of the day.

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