Matcha Starter Kit

  • First time experiences are always memorable and special.
    With the Matcha Starter Kit, you get the chance of an incomparable first-time matcha experience. Start your matcha journey and create a healthy habit with the Matcha Starter Kit!

    • Artisan, Organic Ceremonial or Organic Culinary grade matcha
    • Hand crafted 100-prong bamboo matcha whisk (chasen) 
    • Bamboo scoop (chasaku) 

Start your matcha journey

Aside from the matcha of your choice, the starter kit includes a handcrafted chasaku or the matcha spoon to help measure the perfect proportion of matcha. To complete the set is the handcrafted 100-prong matcha whisk or chasen that will produce the best froth from the mixture of matcha and water. 

Start your matcha journey with the help of this starter kit from Matcha Wellness. It’s also an ideal gift for your loved ones who want to try a better alternative than coffee.

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