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Premium Ceremonial Grade - 30g

Take a step further with the Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha. With a silk like texture and intense electric green colour, tantalise your senses with its rich aroma and deep umami. A sweet finish lingers in the mouth with zero bitterness.

Send your mind in to focus overdrive with its high levels of L-theanine and amino acids. The perfect beverage for strenuous study, writing or deep thinking. A refreshing energy hit that will have you coming back for more.

Eco Heed Premium Matcha

 EUROFINS and SGS certified pesticide
free (meets organic standards)
✔ Vegan freindly
 100% natural non GMO
 Naturally gluten free
✔ Oxygen absorber inside can for optimal
✔ Pesticide, heavy metal and radiation free 

Matcha Benefits

 137 x more antioxidants than brewed
green tea
✔ Enhances immune system
✔ Boost metabolism & improves
✔ Energy boost for 4-6 hours
without the caffeine crash or jitters

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